“Heaven is beneath your Mother’s feet” said the beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws), and he was spot on! You see women are the diamonds in the mine, we need to look after them, cherish them, understand and respect them. I’ll never forget when my mum was paid the equivalent of 1 Deutsch mark for the entire month. Till this day I admire her economic skills, with just 1 mark, she bought us a bucket of hazelnut spread and with the left over flour, we managed to survive the month.

Married young, my mother encountered the worst of scenarios. The person behind it all, being her mentally ill mother in law. The day I was born, we thought we would be welcomed with open arms, but my grandparents decided to kick us out of the house. After a huge argument, my father had no choice but to ask for help. It was his uncle that allowed us to live with his 4 children and wife in a tiny house. My dad meanwhile, had to attend army duties, and when he would come and visit, there is one scene that always strikes my heart. In his words, “I opened the door only to see my wife and two kids eating bread with salt.” Clearly we had to make a decision, stay or move away, and so my mum decided to start fresh in London, so we did.

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