Happiness begins with you, lives with you, and lives in you. You may get the odd day of negativity, but as they say, “Happiness is a choice.” Happiness blossoms when one is content and fully lives in the moment. Indulge in as much positivity as possible, be it music, film, or art – find medicine in everyday life for your wellbeing. I applaud happy people, those that smile at you for no reason, just like the barista; who during a stressful shift, smiles at you when handing you your cappuccino.

Don’t miss happiness, it’s there but you must find it. Just like a flower eagerly waits for the sun to rise, you too should find a reason to keep on keeping on … every morning. Always be grateful for what you have! Being happy has a sparkling effect on others around you, it’s contagious so reflect happiness on others too. Infuse your daily routine with positivity, as it can really change and shape your day. When you radiate positive vibes you’ll find it reflecting back at you. Being happy is a necessity to your wellbeing, but you cannot ignore negativity all the time, however you can always overcome it. Your wellbeing requires the right ingredients, and if you keep on a “happy diet” you will see happy changes.

Happiness is a melody like no other, and you’re the composer. Happiness only comes to fruition when the frequency is tuned to HAPPY FM. Yes, that exists, if you choose to believe in Happiness that is. The sweet recipe of life is happiness, so don’t let go or forget the feeling. Talk about it, reminisce, hug your loved ones, smile at a stranger – even if you’ll never see them again. Happiness is medicine for your heart!

My ethos on living life is as follows: Live everyday like you are painting a picture, with each person you meet being a different colour – paint happiness. If you can live life like a painting, then boy are you in for a surprise. Suddenly you enjoy everything around you, you radiate positive energy and trust me, it comes back to you – sometimes in ten folds. Learn to love, not just the one in your life but, love family, friends, music, food, dance, art … love everything.

I applaud happiness, I applaud a smile, I applaud generosity, I applaud my health, I applaud everything. Remember when you’re feeling down, think of those that are sadly less fortunate than you. Gratitude heals unhappiness, and the pilgrimage to true happiness begins with gratitude. You see, you’re the hero of your story, so make it amazing! Polish life with positivity, condition life with hope, and create ripples of happiness. A pious man once said, smile – it’s charity … so the next random person you see, just smile.

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