I opened my first twitter account in 2009, and I was in awe of Paulo Coelho’s 140 character philosophical tweets. I did not set out to be an author, but I wanted to understand life, my purpose, and I did so with quotes. Throughout my late teens, leading up to my early twenties I played the piano, in short – I made beats, or instrumentals (I would like to refer them as).

But I realised that I was too creative and less critical. It wasn’t until my University years that I really understood critical thinking, and how valuable it can be for growth. During this period, I created my very first quote, “be creative … act critical” and I was overwhelmed with myself. You see, to create a great quote you have to strike a balance – think of ying yang sprinkled with a bit of philosophy.

However, there’s times where a quote can simply be inspired by telling stories. For example, “the struggle is an ingredient to success” resonates with entrepreneurs, and sounds much like a movie title. In short, if you can strike a balance with opposites, include philosophy, and stories in a sentence, then you’re on to a winner!

Good Luck,


PS: Success is a Science.

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