LIKA was my first freelance client, whereby I created their slogan “QUALI+Y” which narrowed the company’s ethos to one word, and of course the + complimented its location – Switzerland. Since the creation of the slogan, the word quality has been engrained in the brands DNA, from the the owner to the staff, resulting in the company becoming the fastest growing construction company in Swiss.

SANJUGO is a Japanese restaurant located in trendy Shoreditch where we were
responsible for Photography, Recording/Editing videos, captions, Website Management, Design for Brochures/Promotions, Copywriting via Email Marketing and more. Whereas instagram Reels achieved the highest views for the restaurant still to this day. Finally we created a brand personality with the slogan “delighting your taste-buds” which has been cemented in its ethos.

XARRAGO is the leading Somali Dirac company based in London, and we began by changing their logo to the ever popular Didot font, which radiates luxury. This then lead to a successful campaign on instagram by directing/editing video Reels that took the brand to new heights by reaching 17,000 followers on the platform.

Bucket List Coffee assigned us to take over their instagram and we happily agreed. Each picture tells a story, as well as each video reel. The aim is to always take the customer on a journey, leaving their taste-buds hungry for more. Followers increased significantly, as well as business which is ultimately the main focus.

Laurent Zhubi is by far the most talented up and coming actor, having conquered the theatre world and en route to enlightening Hollywood, his latest short film: Beasts has been selected at the Florence Film Festival, the Prague Film Festival, amongst many more to come. What makes Laurent different, is his humble approach to helping those who have talent, and I cannot thank him enough for blessing my projects with his joy. I look forward to future celebrity endorsements for this gem of an actor.