RESULTS is a brand we cater for, and the quote, “Heaven is beneath your Mother’s feet,” reflects the ultimate vision. The ethos is all about giving back whereby the brand is a Gift shop for Mother’s, only. Simplicity was guilty for the new direction and this allowed the website to achieve the 50,000 landmark. In short, marketing slogans are used on products ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, and even socks.

Laurent Zhubi is by far the most talented up and coming actor, having conquered the theatre world and en route to enlightening Hollywood, his latest short film: Beasts has been selected at the Florence Film Festival, the Prague Film Festival, amongst many more to come. What makes Laurent different, is his humble approach to helping those who have talent, and I cannot thank him enough for blessing my projects with his joy. I look forward to future celebrity endorsements for this gem of an actor.

Due to the language barrier, 7dePARIS was rebranded to Next we had to highlight its ethos with the following sentence, “7 is the road to success, however one must be persistent in their vision.” Ironically, the 7th section of Paris is where the Eiffel tower is located, which has an invisible resemblance to the logo. Ultimately, this was in our favour, where synchronicity truly played its part. To conclude, we are guilty for creating the strategy, logos, website, products, content and in short – everything.

Going Nuts is a hidden gem just off the A40 in West London, and one day after strolling home, we decided to try their Almonds and Cashews. The quality was second to none whereas their logo needed an upgrade. That’s where the marketing in him stepped in, and so we convinced the owner to do their logo. After a day or two of thinking of something creative, he decided humour was the best way to give the brand its story. Who goes Nuts in London? We asked ourselves, the answer – the Queens guards, and so we did the above.

Qafa Resort is the latest edition to receive a branding makeover. Located in Kosovo’s skiing resort Brezovicë, it has plenty to offer for all age groups. However, the biggest downfall was its menu which triggered us to do something. A fresh & elegant menu was created which translated the Qafa Resort vision. This was in sync with its personality where the following reflects the potential it truly has, “Qafa Resort has a melody of its own, enjoy your exquisite meal to the sound of mother nature.” was a challenge, first we asked what the direction with this business was & then positioned the brand as – Shisha | Coffee | Food. Next was the menu, their original looked very unattractive and was in need of something different, perhaps a vintage feel. With regards to the website, creative content like, “the core of our ethos is creating a nostalgic feeling for you, every-time,” highlighted its ultimate purpose and the fun continued with, “the key ingredient is delighting your taste-buds,” to the rather cool, “we answer your cravings,” sentence.

HBIC cars proved to be a real challenge. The objective was to emulate what Autotrader & other online car selling platforms had achieved, but this being on a smaller scale. Coding was a challenge, but Enis began swimming without knowing how to. Besides the virtual language (CSS) Enis focused more on the content, with sentences such as, “We are rooted in simplicity, because we compress complexity into simplicity,” to the rather poetic, “looking to buy a car can feel like you are walking on a long desert but we are your oasis.”

Three brief design projects were completed with passion. The first being a poster for the hottest shisha spot in North West London – Tunnel Lounge which has a very retro vibe, so the old newspaper most definitely suited its purpose. The second is a logo for Onik – a Pizzeria/Cafe based in West Ealing, London. Finally the last project was for Imperial Cafe which has a combination of fonts – all complementing each other. is a photo booth hire company with a difference. In order to stand out and differentiate, the brand story was driven by poetry. For example, content like, “Life is a beautiful picture and we aim to make the best possible memories that you will never forget,” along with, “we cater your needs and meet expectations by translating a royal experience for each client,” highlighted its objectives. Whereas the slogans, “we add colour to your occasion,” and, “we zoom into your happiness,” reflected its ethos.

COCO approached us with a rebranding campaign. The first picture was their initial logo however we thought it needed a makeover. It needed a sense of luxury to make a long-term statement and the Gold certainly gives it that along with the heraldic design. Everything was completed rather quick but sometimes creativity works best spontaneously.

Enis was taking a casual stroll in Kosovo’s most historic city – Prizren, suddenly he saw a gem. Next to the main road there was a hut with windows all around, inside people get the absolute treatment from traditional skilled barbers dating back to the Ottoman days. Since 1964, they only had a name but no logo, so the task began. After messing around with a variety of vintage barber logo’s, it was compressed into one which had history, simplicity and elegance combined.

During the first year of his marketing degree, Enis had drawn a face split in two colours – black & white with the slogan above. Having completely forgotten about it all, it was years later that boredom triggered him to flick through his old notebook. He then briefed a graphic designer of the rough sketch, she put the magic touches & sweatshirts were created. The results were interesting, in fact so much positive feedback was given from people wearing it that they asked to purchase one too, and so was born.