Marketing Artists

Enis de Paris

Marketing Scientist

Hisham Tork

Brand Strategist


Enis de Paris - Founder accordion-plus accordion-minus

Has a diverse background, having worked for Harrods, Holiday Inn, NHS, the Civil Service, Sanjugo, and most recently LIKA in Switzerland. Whereas Moorketing was born due to a cow as a logo and "we milk your brand" as a slogan. He often seeks inspiration from nature, technology and art. In addition, studying the science behind successful brands, what makes a brand tick, why stories change/shape brands, and how fonts or marketing art defines a product, as well as the use of colours ... is another hobby of his.

Hisham Tork - Brand Strategist accordion-plus accordion-minus

Has 12-years experience in marketing working for both client and agency sides, with a background in branding, research, digital and PR. He’s been focusing on branding lately, having developed brands for food & beverage, fashion, engineering, IT and pharmaceutical clients. His approach to branding is scientific and artistic, and applies strategic and creative thinking in his brand development process. He’s usually inspired by music, film and travel.

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