Enis de Paris (MSc)

Brand Scientist

It was during his masters degree that he decided to launch – a start up where marketing slogans were used on products that he created. It has been a success thus far with over fifty thousand views. Recently, the brand has been repositioned due to simplicity, which of course can be rather complex. With regards to private clients, they include construction companies, restaurants, and charities.

Strength: Taste

Weakness: Music

Hisham Tork (MSc)

Brand Strategist

This is Hish, you see that fire exit behind him … there is a 99% chance he took it home with him, why – well he collects them. Crazy hobby but it keeps his adrenaline pumping. He met Enis during his masters as they were in the same group. They have a tendency to debate and bounce ideas about creativity, music, fashion and of course branding. On another note, we wonder: did they ever replace all those fire exit signs?

Strength: Cooking

Weakness: Signs