The quest of a brand is loyalty, but how does a brand aquire loyalty. Think of apple, at their worst the company began their revival by reminding customers of who they are, but more importantly why they began. Apple stood for differentiation, they challenged the status quo, they just did things differently. And when Steve Jobs took over the helm (the second spell), he began with the timeless “think different” print ads. It was such a simple idea, have icons that challenged the status quo, with the apple logo above the think different slogan. People such as Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, and Einstein were the perfect fit. It was an immediate success, which ultimately aligned apple in the consumers mind as a special brand, a brand with meaning.

A simple slogan can rejuvenate a brand, however when creating a slogan, brand positioning comes into play. You cannot create a slogan that is not in sync with the brand ethos. It must make sense, make a statement, and allow the brand to carry on the meaning. Most recently, I worked on a start up in the patisserie industry. The slogan, “delighting your taste buds” aligned perfectly to the brand story.

So one must really think when creating a slogan, cause it can make or break the brand’s future. If you’re struggling, I recommend you read, “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” by Al Ries & Jack Trout, which really shaped the way I think and position brands towards success.

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