As you a young boy, I never experienced bullying but those around me did. I'll never forget this boy came to London from war torn Kosovo, and he hardly spoke any english, it was up to me to look after him in school. There was one particular person who for some reason had ill feelings … Continue reading BULLYING


Steve Jobs said you must connect the dots backwards to go forward, and this is our ethos. You must be the action to pollinate dreams, however it takes collaboration of talented individuals whom each posses key strengths in their desired field. We do not see the World in black and white, what if we live … Continue reading DOTS


Exceptional design boils down to beauty and simplicity. For one to design, he/she must be a visionary. He/she must create a solution that can harmonise humanity and ultimately connect/unite culture. There is a melody behind design, and it’s called change. Change is an obsession to modern designers, change is potent and curiosity triggers action that … Continue reading DESIGN